RAW x 360

This is a union of passion and expertise and a no-brainer for both RAW Adventures and 360 Expeditions. Simply put, why reinvent the wheel? RAW are experts in delivering UK adventures and 360 are experts in delivering overseas expeditions. We have now joined forces fully supporting each other in delivering worldwide and world-class adventures and expeditions to all.

Once on expedition, in the UK or overseas, you will be supported and guided by experienced Mountain Leaders and Instructors who are members of the UK Mountain Training Association and the Union of International Mountain Leaders. On overseas challenges not only will you have a fully qualified and experienced western guide, but your local support team has been handpicked and trained over many years of operations.

RAW 360 - Toubkal, Morocco

Toubkal, Morocco

From £975

Our diverse itinerary gives you the best chance of summiting an iconic 4,000m mountain, while offering a taste of the wonderful Moroccan country and culture in a short timescale.

RAW 360 - The Thousand Lakes, Pyrenees

Pyrenees: Thousand Lakes

From £1,045

This is an absorbing trek of extreme contrasts, taking in Catalonia’s iconic peaks and entering lush worlds rarely seen by travellers. It will challenge everything you thought you knew about European mountains.

RAW 360 - Kilimanjaro


From £2,635

One of the famed 7 Summits, this lone mountain dominates the African horizon. A carefully thought out plan is essential to gain its coveted summit.

RAW 360 - Sinai


From £1,520

Over the course of the endless sunny days, these landscapes change from towering rocks through to crystal waters, as we traverse from the Sinai’s summit to the shores of the magnificent Red Sea.

RAW 360 - Jordan


From £2,095

Join us on a trek through the deserts of Jordan where we follow ancient trails through enchanted country where the nomadic Bedouin people and their livestock have travelled for generations.

RAW 360 - Colombia Lost City Trek

Colombia: Lost City Trek

From £2,295

This trek offers a unique experience in the heart of Colombia, drawing you into one of its oldest indigenous communities and offering a glimpse of one of the world’s secret wonders.

RAW 360 - Everest Base Camp

Everest Base Camp

From £2,445

Trek to Everest base camp and Gokyo Lakes in the heart of Nepal and experience a magical blend of fascinating culture, jaw- dropping scenery and a glimpse of the world’s highest mountain.

RAW 360 - Kilimanjaro Cycle

Kilimanjaro Cycle

From £2,449

An iconic mountain and a unique experience, see Kilimanjaro from two wheels and experience an unfiltered and up-close flavour of Tanzanian life by pedal power.

Snowdonia Scrambling Weekend

2 - 5 August 2024

Join us on a weekend of world-class scrambling in stunning surroundings



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