A one (1) day assessment to measure your competency against the Camping Leader syllabus, run in a relaxed style to help you perform and achieve. On successful completion of the assessment, you’ll be qualified to supervise camping groups, teach campcraft activities and develop participants’ camping proficiency.

Led by RAW’s experienced trainers, you’ll be part of small groups of just six people. This 1:6 teaching ratio allows us to personalise your experience and give you the best chance of successfully completing your assessment.


I extend my thanks for a truly magical day yesterday on Tryfan. Our group have a varied level of experience and that was managed so well. Everyone had the most exhilarating and incredible day and yet at all times felt perfectly safe – RAW Adventures made our weekend and we thank you for it.

Paul Williams


What's covered?

Spending a day in some of the UK’s most beautiful landscapes, RAW’s qualified trainers will guide you through everything you need to know to successfully supervise camping groups, including:

  • Leadership and group management
  • Planning and supervision
  • Teaching and learning skills
  • Camping equipment
  • Camping food and cooking

You’ll be part of a small group of just six (6) people, ensuring a personalised, fun and friendly learning experience. Training is run in Eryri (Snowdonia), Brecon Beacons, Mid Wales, Peak District, Yorkshire, Lake District, Scotland, Exmoor and Dartmoor.

Prerequisites for the Camping Leader Assessment

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Personally undertaken and logged an absolute minimum of five overnight camps, ideally in a variety of contexts
  • Assisted with or overseen at least two group camps. If personal camping has only been undertaken when also supervising a group, then these two group camps can be part of the total submitted for personal camping i.e. some candidates may need to log only five overnight camps in total. Reflective comments must accompany the group supervision evidence
  • Be familiar with the syllabus
  • Be an experienced self-sufficient camper
  • Have experience of the supervision of camping groups
  • Physically (i.e. not online) attended and completed a first aid course which involved at least one full day or eight hours of instruction and included an element of assessment

If you have any questions about your suitability for assessment, please get in touch.

Book your Assessment

The Camping Leader Assessment costs £85 per person (1:6 teaching ratio) and is held over one (1) day. Dates and locations are listed in our chart.

We are also happy to run bespoke courses for groups at an agreed location - contact us to find out more.

Event Information

Course Duration One (1) day
Course Date(s) 14 Feb 2024 – Surrey Hills *NO SPACES REMAINING*
6 Apr 2024 – Snowdonia
20 Apr 2024 – Malverns
31 May 2024 – Peak District
24 June 2024 – Surrey Hills
20 Aug 2024 – Snowdonia
13 Sept 2024 – Malverns
2 Nov 2024 – Peak District
Course Cost £110.00 per person (1:6 ratio)
Minimum Age 17 years
Terrain Area UK-wide

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