The Pyrenees stretch across the border of France and Spain for over 400 km, reaching heights of 3,400m. Our breathtaking 1000-lakes route within Catalonia's Parc National d'Aigüestortes i Sant Maurici winds its way through a mesmerizing landscape of winding rivers, dramatic ravines, serene lakes, thundering waterfalls, and fertile marshes.

As we venture to some of the highest summits in the range, you'll understand why 'Aiguestortes,’ - meaning 'twisted waters' in Catalan - perfectly describes the abundance of water features we encounter. During our 4-day trek, we'll explore these hidden gems and embrace the unique camaraderie and warm hospitality of the remote mountain refuges.

Our journey leads us through high mountain forests, adorned with beech and pine trees, as we cross meadows and mountainsides adorned with vibrant flowers. Hundreds of glistening, snow-fed lakes will captivate our senses. Scaling the high passes that connect one valley to another, we'll traverse eerie landscapes punctuated by massive boulders. Keep an eye out for the majestic Lammergeier, the largest bird of prey in the world, soaring above, while Marmots exchange warning whistles on the rocky slopes.

This trek offers a thrilling contrast, showcasing Catalonia's iconic peaks and revealing lush, seldom-seen worlds. It will challenge your perceptions of European mountains and offer an absorbing and unforgettable adventure. Europe need not be tame; in the Pyrenees, we find a landscape of extreme beauty and allure.

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