Embark on an incredible expedition to Ciudad Perdida, the enigmatic 'Lost City' of Colombia, concealed deep within the lush Caribbean jungle. For this adventure, embrace the roles of both Indiana Jones, the intrepid archaeologist, and David Attenborough, the curious naturalist. This extraordinary journey offers a rare glimpse into one of Colombia's oldest indigenous communities and unveils the secrets of a hidden wonder of the world. Prepare to live out your dream as an explorer amidst the vast rainforest.

Our Colombian escapade commences with the invigorating Cerro Kennedy Hike, a two-day trek scaling 3,100m. Traverse through picturesque farmlands, verdant coffee plantations, and misty cloud forests teeming with exotic wildlife, all while enjoying panoramic vistas of the beautiful Caribbean coastline.

The subsequent Lost City trek spans four days, leading us deep into the mysterious equatorial jungle. This extraordinary adventure promises unique experiences, such as wading through waist-deep rivers, bathing beneath thunderous waterfalls, and resting in hammocks or jungle beds. Follow rugged forest trails to uncover one of the world's last wonders—the lost city of Colombia—a truly unforgettable journey through South America's heart.

Amidst this breathtaking landscape, witness a rich tapestry of biodiversity and marvel at the recently discovered archaeological marvels of this remote and secluded city. The native Kogui Wiwa and Kankuamo communities, who serve as the city's remarkable custodians, add a unique and enriching dimension to this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Prepare yourself for a remarkable adventure, as Colombia's Lost City and so much more await your discovery.

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